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  • Losing your connection with your partner?
  • Missing that sense of loving appreciation you used to have with your partner?
  • Experiencing blame, criticism, mistrust and/or resentment in your relationships?
  • Having difficulty being heard?
  • In a pattern in your relationship where you accommodate your partner or over-ride your own desires?
  • Withholding facts, feelings or fantasies that you have not revealed to your partner?


We assist people to release issues that affect their interactions with others, enabling them to feel more at ease with themselves and those they love. We help couples who want to feel closer to one another and deepen their sense of love and appreciation.

We use a unique experiential approach which incorporates movement, breath, and awareness of physical sensations. Our clients learn skills and techniques that facilitate lasting personal change in a fast and easy way.

By working with both of us at the same time in our experiential approach, your issues are dissolved more quickly. Your experience is richer because one of us can participate while the other facilitates.


We are members of Capital Choice Counselling Group and the National Capital Region Employee Assistance Professionals Association. Marlene is a registered member of the Ontario College of Social Workers. Our practice is under the supervision of Dr. Martin Rovers, Ontario Registered Psychologist at

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Marlene and Bob Neufeld

specializing in 2 on 2 couples coaching/psychotherapy


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location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Marlene and Bob Neufeld

What to Expect as a Client (what is coaching, what is body-centered, how is our coaching therapeutic?)

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